Secure Android kernel could make for 'classified' smart phones

A public/private research team develops a hardened kernel for Android 3.0, which could lead to widespread use of smart phones in military and emergency operations.

BlackBerry disruptions spread to North America

Outages that began over the weekend in Europe, the Middle East and Africa spread to the Americas Oct. 12.

Android a likely target once mobile crime pays

The technology and malware exist to exploit mobile devices, but so far the payoff hasn't been worth it for criminals to go after smart phones, Symantec researchers say.

NOAA app delivers aerial, satellite imagery to mobile devices

A new Web application allows first responders to access disaster images directly on their smart phones and tablets.

Agencies publish data center consolidation plans

Agencies, now in their year second year of the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative, have published refined plans on CIO.gov as they move forward with the consolidation and optimization of government data centers

Paul McCloskey

Steve Jobs' government legacy: Citizen-centric computing

Jobs' ability to craft tools for intensely personal computing helped spark direct citizen-to-government computing.

OMB accelerates plan to shutter data centers

Feds now looking to close 472 data centers by end of 2011; 962 by 2015.

What's in your closet: The electronic clutter that surrounds us

While moving to a new office, the Lab uncovers long-forgotten, even mysterious, devices. Don't you have them in your office, too?

In hard times, state CIOs gain clout, survey finds

State CIOs' influence is on the rise as state governments turn to them to help bring order during a time of economic upheaval, according to a survey released by NASCIO.

FCC to tighten local accuracy requirements for mobile phones

The Federal Communications Commission wants to improve locational accuracy as part of its efforts toward enhanced 911 services.

Apple iPhone 4S gets smart, talks back

New smart phone features the artificial intelligence-powered Siri, a talking, learning personal assistant.

Amazon selling Kindle Fire at a loss, putting heat on other tablet-makers

Amazon's Gillette model for its $199 tablet is putting pressure on other device-makers to lower their prices.

Data center management needs to tie IT and facilities, report states

The move to virtualization and cloud computing means managers should deploy data center infrastructure management software to tie together the IT and facilities groups, according to IDC.

Android patent deal leaves Google out in the cold

Samsung can use Google's Android OS in its mobile devices thanks to an intellectual property agreement signed between the device manufacturer and Microsoft.

Superbeam headset

High-end headset — and no need to lower the boom

The SuperBeam SB-405 phones provide perfect pitch for talking or listening, and don't use clunky boom mikes.

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