Amazon selling Kindle Fire at a loss, putting heat on other tablet-makers

Amazon's Gillette model for its $199 tablet is putting pressure on other device-makers to lower their prices.

Data center management needs to tie IT and facilities, report states

The move to virtualization and cloud computing means managers should deploy data center infrastructure management software to tie together the IT and facilities groups, according to IDC.

Android patent deal leaves Google out in the cold

Samsung can use Google's Android OS in its mobile devices thanks to an intellectual property agreement signed between the device manufacturer and Microsoft.

Superbeam headset

High-end headset — and no need to lower the boom

The SuperBeam SB-405 phones provide perfect pitch for talking or listening, and don't use clunky boom mikes.

Free Mango update going into global distribution

Windows Phone 7.5, code-named "Mango," is now being distributed worldwide by mobile service providers, though it may take a few weeks before users can get their hands on it.

How to close the security gaps in Bluetooth

Bluetooth personal area networks provide only limited security; NIST offers new guidance on countering threats.

HP Touchpad tablet

The HP TouchPad up close: What might have been

It's a powerful tablet with a unique and security-conscious operating system that could have been great if HP had given it enough time to mature.

Amazon unveils Kindle Fire tablet with unique Silk browser

The Fire's new features include a "split browser," called Silk, which resides both on the device and in Amazon's cloud.

True Blue Crime Fighting App

Slick iPad app helps detectives become super sleuths

The Accurint Mobile for Law Enforcement tool from LexisNexis resides on an Apple iPad and can act as a force multiplier for local detectives or federal investigators.

Will Kundra's 5 top initiatives survive?

The ambitious and sometimes controversial former federal CIO had no shortage of big ideas for reforming government IT. But can they succeed without him?

A tablet with a no-touch touch screen

Portico uses cameras to let the tablet interact with surrounding objects and movements.

FCC aims to add text, images, video to 911 services

Move to IP-based services would keep up with how people communicate, and could be cheaper than maintaining the current system.

Solar-powered processor raises new possibilities

An experimental Intel processor requires such low levels of energy that it can run on nothing but sunlight.

Which OS will users choose for their next smart phone?

Sixty-three percent of smart phone owners said they're next phone would likely be an Android. And although 44 percent said they'd consider Windows Phone 7, just as many said they'd never heard of it.

Personal mobile devices give agencies an IT headache

Employees are using their own mobile devices, and agency IT shops are suffering from the strain.

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