Do consolidation and cloud always kill jobs?

Shuttering data centers and moving to the cloud can mean the loss of employees. But in some cases, agencies might need to hire more technical experts.

8 tech dinosaurs: Which would you kill?

Every office has Mesozoic Era technologies that don't fit the Digital Age. Some are near extinction, some should be, but others continue to thrive, for good reason.

Windows Server 8 will have a tint of Azure

Microsoft's next-generation server technology will be "the most cloud-optimized OS" it is developing, according to statements at the company's Build confernce.

Your eyes only: CIA tech blurs computer screens to others

The CIA has partnered with Oculis Labs to develop a technology that blurs a computer monitor when the authorized user is either away from the screen or has turned around to talk to someone else.

After consolidation, ATF wants to sell cloud services

IT managers with The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have extra data center space and want to get in the business of offering cloud-based or shared services to other federal agencies.

Mobile devices will drive global Web use by 2015

Worldwide access to the Internet will hit 40 percent by 2015, with the manner in which it is accessed shifting drastically, particularly in the United States.

AMD processor goes to extremes, gets Guinness World Record

An AMD-assembled team of overclocking mad scientists ran the FX CPU up to 8.429 GHz, while cooling it with liquid helium. What does it mean for the average user?

Military to streamline burden of warfighters' comms gear

The military has multiple strategies for reducing the size, weight and power of warfighter communications equipment.

Why you should be wary of QR codes

The new rage in sharing information with mobile phone users poses some security threats.

Open-source app lets responders mesh from smart phones, laptops

LifeNet, developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology, links smart phones and other portable devices in the field from a single device.

Sticker shock: FBI cancels iPad buy

Budget constraints have forced the FBI to withdraw its recent solicitation for 600 iPads.

National Weather Service mobile site to get facelift

The National Weather Service will refresh its mobile website, Mobile.weather.gov, which offers weather forecasts by ZIP code.

A cloaking device for tanks? Sort of.

BAE is using hexagonal plates called “pixels” that can mask the heat signature of the object they are mounted on.

HP might separate webOS from TouchPad, other hardware

After giving the TouchPad a quick hook, Hewlett-Packard could be planning to split its webOS business into harware and software divisions, according to published e-mails.

CIA's In-Q-Tel strikes deal to help intell agencies cut energy use

Power Assure and the CIA's In-Q-Tel have entered into a deal to derive more efficiency out of data centers.

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