Sticker shock: FBI cancels iPad buy

Budget constraints have forced the FBI to withdraw its recent solicitation for 600 iPads.

National Weather Service mobile site to get facelift

The National Weather Service will refresh its mobile website, Mobile.weather.gov, which offers weather forecasts by ZIP code.

A cloaking device for tanks? Sort of.

BAE is using hexagonal plates called “pixels” that can mask the heat signature of the object they are mounted on.

HP might separate webOS from TouchPad, other hardware

After giving the TouchPad a quick hook, Hewlett-Packard could be planning to split its webOS business into harware and software divisions, according to published e-mails.

CIA's In-Q-Tel strikes deal to help intell agencies cut energy use

Power Assure and the CIA's In-Q-Tel have entered into a deal to derive more efficiency out of data centers.

Georgia to test smart-phone video conferencing

The state's health department is planning to use a cloud-based product that will allow it to create between four- and nine-way meetings.

Contractors, mobile users pose threat to critical infrastructure

When contractors and mobile users connect devices to the secure systems of critical infrastructure providers, they potentially open a loophole for malicious software.

Kodak i2800

Tiny scanner is perfect for road work

The Kodak i2800 is light and small enough to be portable, but its high throughput potential is anything but.

Calif. targets cell-phone crimes from prisons

The state wants to block unauthorized cellular transmissions and increase the penalties for smuggling phones inside prison, which is so easy even Charles Manson can get one.

The missing iPhone 5: Hoax or happenstance?

Another iPhone goes missing from Apple, but did it really?

More 'Mango' smart phones on their way

HTC showed off two devices running Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" Sept. 1.

TrippLite SRCOOL12K

A cool way to beat server room hot spots

The SRCOOL12k from Tripp provides a highly efficient way to cool hot spots that pop up all the time, especially in aging government buildings with many corridors, nooks and crannies.

LOK IT drive

At last, a key drive the government can love

The LOK-IT drive is the only one on the market that has both hardware authentication and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification.

TouchPad frenzy holds a lesson; should Apple be worried?

The $99 price is no business model, but cracking the artificial $499 barrier could be the HP tablet's real legacy.

Cellcrypt mobile phone

When calls must be private, app creates a cellular cone of silence

The Cellcrypt software will use a data channel instead of the voice network to make a call and encrypt its contents so nobody can snoop.

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