Big-screen punch, small-screen power consumption

The ViewSonic VA2451m LED has all the advantages of a 24-inch monitor but with the power consumption of a smaller display.

An eco-friendly LCD that doesn't cheat on performance

NEC's 22-inch EA223WM-BK LCD combines good performance with the lowest power use of any monitor the lab has tested.

License plate scanners: Useful tools, but what about all that data?

The systems, which can capture up to thousands of images per hour, are increasingly popular with police but are raising privacy conerns.

BIOS' 'privileged position' makes it a target for sophisticated attacks

The Basic Input/Output System that boots a computer could be an attractive target for sophisticated exploits, and the complexity of servers creates specific challenges that NIST addresses in new security guidelines.

Big desktop performance in a, literally, Tiny package

The ThinkCentre M92p Tiny packs the performance of a full-size desktop on a modest physical and electrical footprints.

Students 3D print a boat from milk jugs -- are jetliners next?

If a student team can build a homemade 3D printer that can produce a boat, the administration's $60 million foray into advanced manufacturing technology could hold promise.

This UPS will scare off phantom power loads

The Tripp Lite UPS System cuts down on wasted electricity by combining a smart power strip and UPS in one device.

ColorQube proves you can't judge green by power use alone

The Xerox ColorQube 8900X printer has great graphical capabilities, is an environmentally friendly office companion, and can anticipate your print times.

Advanced radar would 'see' through jungle to catch drug smugglers

The project is one of many at the U.S. Army's SouthCom that combines IT expertise from multiple agencies, including foreign ones, to support forces in the field.

Smooth data-center move sets template for disaster recovery

Alaska’s Enterprise Technology Services team used a unified computing system to quickly move existing services to a new data center, and validated its disaster recovery approach and failover capabilities in the process.

MIT chip could power wireless sensors

A chip that collects energy from light, heat and vibrations could keep low-powered sensors running without batteries.

Dell's mobile data center: When you need an IT backbone overnight

Dell's launch of its Tactical Mobile Data Center will allow government, military and enterprise users to quickly deploy an additional, backup or remote IT backbone.

Apple rejoins EPEAT, but says standards must catch up to innovation

The company and the green IT certification program agree to work together on evolving environmental standards.

Heat sink revolution: Sandia Cooler smaller, quieter, 30X more efficient

Sandia Lab researchers take a radical approach to keeping computers and other electronics cool.

Apple quits green IT program, putting government sales at risk

The company pulled its products from EPEAT, which is required for federal and other government buys. But the iPad and iPhone are exempt, for now at least.

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