Illinois court beefs up service with thin clients

The Circuit Court of Cook County is improving operational efficiency and allowing staff and citizens easy online access to services and court files via thin client technology.

Don’t get raided by a SWAT team; secure your wireless hub

There are risks to setting up an unsecured wireless hub, apparently including police attacking your home.

Storm cripples Amazon cloud, but do sites have to go down, too?

You can arrange to have other data centers back up your services when one goes down, but it'll cost you.

BoxLight can make any projector interactive

If you are considering an interactive projector, the OutWrite 1.4 will save you some money by working with the one you already have.

City looks to save $850K a year by leaving mainframe behind

Fort Worth's IT solutions department will move all applications to a new distributed platform based on the Microsoft Windows operating system and Dell servers by 2015.

Domestic drones can be hijacked, turned into weapons, researchers show

A research team shows DHS and FAA how spoofing unencrypted GPS signals lets them take over drones in flight, potentially turning them into weapons.

Government's serious pursuits sometimes call for a game

The Genesis Pro workstation from Origin PC, our July Product of the Month, can fit the bill where the need for high-end computing is greatest.

Got old hard drives? Turn them into cloud servers.

The $99 Cloud Hybrid from Akitio lets you repurpose any SATA hard drive for service over the Internet.

Wireless power charging: Tesla's 19th-century idea finally catching on

Wireless power adapters are making headway, more than 100 years after Nicola Tesla patented the idea.

The quiet death of the CRT monitor

They were everywhere not that long ago, but when game arcades are giving up on CRTs, even agencies will follow.

Summer storms can kill your computers, even if you unplug

Take steps to keep your equipment safe from lightning strikes and brownouts, and don't forget about the cable.

Los Alamos offers a model for how to charge for cloud services

LANL officials built a cloud platform that focuses on the needs of the national labs that use it and delivers a bill that doesn't surprise them.

Army sees big savings in application modernization

The Army's future IT savings will come from eliminating duplicate apps and moving the rest to another environment, says Col. Chris Miller.

Mobile security: The old ways don't cut it

Many organizations mistakenly think that traditional IT infrastructures can support mobile security, experts say.

Google Apps for Gov saves how much in energy costs?

By switching to Google Apps, GSA reduced server energy consumption by nearly 90 percent, a report states.

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