NYC to try replacing pay phones with touch-screen kiosks

An upcoming pilot program in New York City will test the feasibility of replacing pay phones with interactive information kiosks.

Open doors with phones, and 4 other predictions for federal mobile access

CAC and PIV cards will move to smart phones in 2012, creating a new model for access control, according to observers' predictions.

Feds, states reaping benefits of going green, report says

Feds, states and businesses are reporting a 1 percent or more reduction in energy costs by implementing energy efficient solutions in data centers, according to CDW-G's 2012 Energy Efficiency IT Report.

Employees who BYOD leave basic security behind, study finds

Fewer than half of personal devices used for work have basic security protections, and the numbers are even lower for smart phones and tablets, a new survey finds.

Botnet tracker locates zombies inside federal agencies

At FOSE, a system that depicts botnet infections, including within agencies, and other new products show that innovation is alive and well.

DISA to roll out defense-wide mobility plan

DISA is gearing up to launch a DOD-wide mobility strategy that will include setting up an enterprise app store and establishing standards for software developers.

The possibilities -- and limits -- of smart phones and tablets

Panelists at FOSE talk about what mobile devices can do for government, beyond the obvious. But don't throw your laptop away just yet.

Lesson from the Army cloud: If you do a contract quickly, 'you're in trouble'

A word of caution on moving to the cloud: Don’t think you can rush through the contract process quickly, retired Lt. Col. Michael Devines told a FOSE audience.

Secrets of an IT consolidator

Getting the most out of consolidating a distributed, siloed IT environment requires management, fair deals and not being a bully.

FAA says iPad pilot program is paying off

The FAA is confident that its mobile device program, which could also include Android and BlackBerry devices, will soon become standard practice.

SQL Server 2012 available for purchase

Microsoft has announced that SQL Server 2012 has been released.

How Michigan's consolidation plan kept wolverines from the door

Over the past decade, Michigan's Department of Information Technology has cut costs by consolidating resources and standardizing its approach to better meet the needs of the state's agencies.

Marines want smart phone for classified, commercial systems

The Marine Corps is looking for a new generation of secure mobile devices that can work in both classified government domains and the commercial marketplace.

USDA looks to cut costs with managed print service

The Agriculture Department has awarded Lexmark a $50 million, five-year deal for a mix of software tools, services, custom solutions and strategies to improve print efficiency.

Got an old cell phone? Bring it to FOSE and support the troops.

You can recycle used phones at the trade show while contributing to the care packages Operation Gratitude sends overseas.

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