Tony Bennett left his heart, others leave mobile devices in San Francisco

A survey of hotels in the city shows a surprising number of mobile devices, particularly smart phones and tablets, get separated from their owners, and most go unclaimed.

PlayStation Vita: Ready for your network?

Almost anything these days could become a client on your network, even a portable gaming console such as the Vita, with all the advantages and risks that entails.


Stop agency data leakage in its tracks

PowerBroker Desktops checks for policy violations in each outgoing e-mail and prevents unwarranted data from leaving a single computer.

How NOAA went from zero to cloud in a year

In just a little more than a year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration went from shopping for solutions for desktop services to a full-scale implementation of Google Apps for Government. Here are some milestones in that process.

What's inside NOAA's cloud?

An installation of Google Apps for Government can feature a variety of different programs.

Google Apps on the job: The GCN Lab tries it out at NOAA

With agencies looking to Google Apps for Government as a cloud computing option, the Lab's Greg Crowe visits NOAA, where a team is putting collaboration, customization and cost-control to work.

Tripp Lite KVM

This KVM will die before giving up your secrets

The Tripp Lite B002-DUA4 is a highly secure keyboard, video, mouse switch that will fit in with any security plan.

TSA piggybacks on Coast Guard emergency alert systems

When the Transportation Security Administration needed to upgrade its emergency alert system, it opted to use the system already in place for its sister agency the Coast Guard.

A self-healing network and other new technology for government

Federal officials and industry representatives got together at AFCEA's Emerging Technology Symposium to go over the latest tools.

Army's mobile comm system gains field experience before NIE

The Army's WIN-T program is using recent exercises in New Mexico to ready itself for a major evaluation this spring.

Air Force aims to unify robot aircraft controls

The Air Force is doing more with less by developing control and sensor systems that work across many platforms and reduce the number of unmanned aircraft systems and controllers needed for operations.

Google closes in on Motorola Mobility acquisition

Both companies have been playing a part in the military's move toward smart phones.

Feds to advance data center marketplace for unused capacity

The Federal Data Center Consolidation Task Force is working to develop the marketplace, part of the administration's efforts to save money through consolidation.

CE Secure Vault

Key drives a security risk? Not when they're made like this.

The CE-Secure Vault from CMS Products will keep data in transit safe from both the elements and hackers.

IoSafe rugged drive

This drive gives 'crush resistant' new meaning

The ioSafe Rugged Portable Drive will withstand punishment beyond what is needed for MIL-STD 801 G certification.

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