Homeland Security

Digital dragnet: How data became a cop's best weapon

Police are using technologies originally developed for business analysis to investigate cases, catch criminals and even predict crime trends.

2 signs DHS is turning the corner on cybersecurity

The appointment of techie Mark Weatherford and the growing emphasis on continuous monitoring could help change FISMA from a paperwork exercise to a real force in IT security.

Cyber Monday sting takes out 150 websites selling counterfeit goods

The Justice Department and Immigration and Customs Enforcement seize the domain names of websites dealing in bogus products, including NFL jerseys, DVDs, and Louis Vuitton handbags.

Want to avoid software snafus? Here's a good place to start.

NIST has greatly expanded its SAMATE dataset to help software developers identify and avoid known coding weaknesses.

Aerial surveillance added to police toolkit in Calif. town

Law enforcement officials in Lancaster, Calif., will be getting a bird's eye view of the city thanks to a proposal for aerial surveillance approved this week.

Feds confirm prisons vulnerable to Stuxnet-like attack

DHS examines researchers' exploits of programmable logic controllers used for prison doors and other systems, and validates their results.

Enterprise architects must prove their worth in reducing duplication

EA is vital to elimninating duplication, but architects need to use metrics to show the value of their programs, panel members say.

Don't panic: Nationwide test of emergency alert system set for Nov. 9

The first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System, set for Nov. 9, will see how the country handles sensory deprivation, even if for a little while.

Taking criminal justice resources into the wild

Access to law enforcement data brings additional convenience and safety for federal officers spread across large territories.

Cloud offers feds access to police data

The Fish and Wildlife Service has led the way in testing a commercial infrastructure that gives federal officers the same access to law enforcement databases that state and local police have had for years.

'Google for police' goes mobile

Law enforcement officials on patrol will now have mobile access to what has been called a "Google for police officers" thanks to an app developed by a subsidiary of IBM.

Secure Flight's off-the-shelf recipe

TSA credits the ability to keep Secure Flight's overall costs down and ahead of schedule with the use of commercial off-the-shelf software.

TSA's Secure Flight curbed risk, calmed travelers

The Transportation Security Administration took over the program to create an airline passenger watchlist and created a system with ultra-high availability, no single points of failure and trusted privacy protections.

TSA, NASA IT leaders among this year's GISLA winners

Federal and private-sector individuals and teams were honored for their work on key information security initiatives.

Dan Johnson, General Dynamics

General Dynamics IT on a roll with market change

Following a series of big wins, General Dynamics IT President Dan Johnson says government's constantly evolving IT priorities offer myriad challenges and opportunities for the company.

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