Homeland Security

Stuxnet variant, Duqu, found foraging in the wild

The remote-access Trojan, found in European industrial systems, is gathering information that could be used in a Stuxnet-style attack.

As robotics becomes more prominent, 'robot rodeos' are all the rage

A recent 'robot rodeo' for bomb squads in Oklahoma is the latest in a series of events that reflect the growing role of robotics.

DHS: Anonymous not a threat to industrial systems, for now

A Homeland Security Department report states that the hacker group has expressed interest in attacking critical infrastructure but expresses doubts it currently has the necessary skills.

At DHS, a 'true-cloud' is launched

Homeland Security Department CIO Richard Spires works to make progress on four key areas of IT.

Vance Hitch

From Vietnam to 9/11, Hitch delved into 'key issues of our time'

Van Hitch, former CIO of the Justice Department, faced the formidable task of improving information-sharing capability in the aftermath of the 2001 terrorist attacks.

DHS tests predictive analysis system for 'sensing' crime

The Future Attribute Screening Technology Mobile Module (FAST), which uses non-intrusive sensors, is based on the premise that certain physical behaviors could indicate that a person is about to commit a crime.

DHS, Commerce looking to battle botnets

The agencies are mulling voluntary industry standards, and looking for ideas on how best to prevent and identify networks of infected computers, and notify consumers when they've been hit.

NOAA app delivers aerial, satellite imagery to mobile devices

A new Web application allows first responders to access disaster images directly on their smart phones and tablets.

TSA expands use of noninvasive body scanners

The millimeter wave AIT machines give screeners a view of a generic human outline rather than a specific naked person.

Sorry, LightSquared, GPS was there first

In the struggle to balance the needs of a new broadband network with the operation of the existing Global Positioning System, the satellite company will have to accept that GPS has a prior claim on the radio frequency spectrum.

DHS taking its public websites into the cloud

The Homeland Security Department is moving its public-facing websites to the cloud on a $600,000-a-year contract.

Return on 911 investments not always measured in dollars

911 systems that contain more personal information about the callers can help emergency responders shave off critical seconds in getting to someone in need.

When mobile meets 911, it's often hit or miss

Smart911 gives callers the option of providing additional information to emergency service providers through an automated add-on to the 911 emergency call system.

True Blue Crime Fighting App

Slick iPad app helps detectives become super sleuths

The Accurint Mobile for Law Enforcement tool from LexisNexis resides on an Apple iPad and can act as a force multiplier for local detectives or federal investigators.

Hacker roundup: Arrests are shrinking LulzSec, Anonymous membership

After a series of recent arrests, the number of non-fingerprinted members of LulzSec and Anonymous is being downsized; LulzSec could be down to two at-large members.

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