Homeland Security

FCC aims to add text, images, video to 911 services

Move to IP-based services would keep up with how people communicate, and could be cheaper than maintaining the current system.

Social media can spread disaster misinformation like a wild fire

Social media tools can get the news on a disaster out fast, but the possibiity of inaccurate information calls their usefulness into question.

Agencies aren't making full use of smart PIV cards

Although most government employees and contractors have cards, agencies seldom use them for network access and still don't trust cards issued by other agencies, the Government Accountability Office says in a recent report.

Do surveillance systems reduce crime?

An Urban Institute study finds that cameras have helped lower crime rates in some areas but not others. Why the different results?

Energy’s 10-year plan to protect the power grid from cyberattack

An international working group's road map sets a goal of a hardened, resilient energy delivery system capable of surviving cyberattacks by 2020.

Building an interoperable smart grid: IEEE weighs in

The newly approved IEEE 2030 standard for Smart Grid interoperability provides foundational guidance for developing the technology and equipment that will make up the world’s next generation electricity distribution and delivery systems.

Advanced threats: The enemy is already within

Execs at a closed-door discussion agree: You've probably already been breached by a sophisticated attack, or will be soon.

Sandia tool puts disaster models into one picture

Researchers have developed software, called SUMMIT, that allows different disaster models and simulations to share data to create a real-time picture.

Some tough questions you need to ask your cloud provider

When moving to the cloud, plan, plan and plan. And ask your vendor the right questions, says CBP's Wolf Tombe.

Open-source app lets responders mesh from smart phones, laptops

LifeNet, developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology, links smart phones and other portable devices in the field from a single device.

Air traffic controller posts Air Force One flight info on blog

A Japanese air traffic controller with access to sensitive flight information posted some details about President Barack Obama’s flight plans in a blog post.

4 'smart' lessons from the Great Southwestern Blackout

It can be surprisingly easy to shut down part of the power grid — and we don't need an enemy to do it — but there’s some good news, too.

Sept. 11, 2001: personal history

John Breeden II confronts his thoughts and fears from that day and invites others to share theirs.

Contractors, mobile users pose threat to critical infrastructure

When contractors and mobile users connect devices to the secure systems of critical infrastructure providers, they potentially open a loophole for malicious software.

Senators: Don't make a federal case out of all cyber crimes

Leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee say Obama administration proposals to update the Cyber Fraud and Abuse Act might go too far.

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