Homeland Security

After 13 years, critical infrastructure security still lacking

Despite years of presidential directives, legislation and policies, threats to the nation’s critical infrastructure continue to grow, House panel is told.

GIS app gives first responders in Georgia a moving picture

An app built for $30,000 gives crews in Marietta, Ga., an evolving, real-time view of emergencies.

TSA doing away with full-view body scans

New software enhances passenger privacy by eliminating graphic images of people's bodies while still scanning for weapons and explosives.

FBI arrests alleged Anonymous members, but hacks continue

Despite 16 arrests, hacker groups continue their activities, claiming attacks on NATO and Rupert Murdoch's News International.

Government's 'orphan websites' could be stalling .gov security

Deployment of DNSSEC in government domains apparently has stalled more than 18 months after the deadline for signing; one of the problems could be “orphan" sites that have been forgotten by their owners.

Done right, a virtualized cloud can improve your security, DHS official says

Security in virtualized cloud environments can be just as good as or better than in the physical world, if the right controls and technology are put in place, DHS' Greg Capella says.

DHS, DOD team to protect U.S. cyberspace

The Defense and Homeland Security departments are still working out how to jointly secure cyberspace, according to a top DHS official.

CPR alert app for iPhones, iPads goes national

San Ramon Valley, Calif., Fire Protection District has created a foundation to help spread the application, which notifies volunteers of nearby cardiac emergencies in other jurisdictions.

DOD's 5-point cyber plan sees Internet as an 'operational zone'

The Pentagon's new strategy for defending U.S. infrastructure and networks also stresses "active" defense and public/private partnerships.

Senators spar over who should lead on cybersecurity legislation

With many committees claiming jurisdiction over cybersecurity, little progress has been made on passing comprehensive legislation. Sen. John McCain's call for a temporary select committee to break the logjam quickly met with resistance.

Human IED threat elicits DHS warning

Although the concept of a functional surgically implanted bomb sounds far-fetched, the Homeland Security Department isn't taking any chances and has issued a warning about the possible threat to air travelers.

Shoe-print database helps police run down criminals

Police in Florida can tap a database of shoes to identify the footprints that criminals leave behind at the scene of the crime.

DHS, Georgia Tech seek to improve security with open-source tools

A DHS-backed research group headed by Georgia Tech is studying new uses for open-source cybersecurity applications.

Found thumb drives: another way employees are a security menace

A DHS test found that most agency and contractor employees who found data disks and USB drives in a parking lot plugged them into their organization's network.

Future cybersecurity workforce heads to summer camp

The U.S. Cyber Challenge, launched two years ago to address a critical shortage of skilled professionals, is expanding efforts to attract, engage and educate students for careers in cybersecurity.

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