Homeland Security

Agencies get a tool for measuring their security

The Homeland Security Department has released FISMA reporting metrics for fiscal 2011 that include assessments of agencies' ability to use automated tools to monitor and secure assets, part of an evolving emphasis on real-time understanding and risk management.

How to counter sophisticated cyberattacks: Focus on the basics

A series of high-profile network breaches illustrate the need for agencies to do the simple things consistently and well; you can't completely stop the breaches, but you can mitigate them, a DHS official says.

TSA might back down some on pat-downs

A Transportation Security Agency official told concerned travelers that the agency will consider options that would subject fewer travelers to hotly contested pat-downs.

Hurricane season? Really? FEMA widget can help you prepare.

It’s open season for hurricanes as of June 1, and FEMA wants you to prepare now before a potentially active season heats up.

White House's cyber plan is weak on enforcement

The president's proposed cybersecurity legislation does not include strong enforcement for securing privately owned critical infrastructure.

Are TSA pat-downs invasive maneuvers or 'freedom fondles'?

A spat between TSA and Texas legislature has thrust airport pat-downs into the spotlight once again, and the debate pits personal privacy against national security.

The battle begins over government’s role in protecting cyberspace

A House panel hears opinions from the administration and industry on Internet regulation, breach notification, cyber war and who should have oversight for cybersecurity.

A few things you might not know about Memorial Day

Don't overlook the proper way to honor the fallen.

Cyber plan would give president kill switch power, senators warn

Proposed cybersecurity legislation's reliance on the 77-year-old Telecommunications Act could give the president broad powers over the Internet during an emergency.

Fox News reports, Secret Service agent decides it's 'blathering'

A federal agent learns that tweets aren't kept secret.

Proposed 4G network interferes with GPS signals, test shows

LightSquared's satellite and ground-station network operates right next to Global Positioning Systems in the radio frequency spectrum.

Connecticut drivers can opt out of Real ID, but there are consequences

Connecticut will comply with Real ID, starting this fall. Drivers can avoid getting the cards, but that choice will come with a cost.

Hackers cancel industrial control system demo at DHS' request

A presentation on hacking SCADA systems at the TakeDown security conference was nixed after DHS and Siemens asked the researchers not to go ahead with the demo.

Want to know what you spend on data centers? Start shutting them down.

The consolidation process gives administrators a look into the costs of running data centers that they might not otherwise get, a DHS IT official says.

Hackers to the rescue: 'Random' asks coders to make the world a better place

Random Hacks of Kindness hackathon will look for open-source solutions to disaster management and climate change challenges.

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