Homeland Security

McCain slams DHS, wants DOD to defend cyberspace

A Senate budget hearing on the Defense Department's Strategic and Cyber Commands became a duel over how the nation's cyber defense should be structured.

GAO: Agencies expose themselves to IT supply-chain threats

The four departments with national security responsibilities haven't identified the threats or developed mitigation policies and procedures, a report states.

Napolitano: Cyber threat 'right in front of us'

Cybersecurity would get a 74 percent boost under DHS' 2013 budget request, but some senators question if the department should be securing critical infrastructure.

See something, tag something: Crime-reporting app uses images, GPS

West Virginia has released a smart-phone app that lets users take pictures of suspicious activity, add a GPS tag and text, and send it to the state's fusion center anonymously.

Many Megaupload files belong to US gov users, Dotcom says

The file-sharing site's founder, out on bail, says U.S. government officials are among the customers whose files were frozen after the Megaupload bust.

Can simulated attack on NYC power grid bridge the partisan divide?

The demonstration for senators is designed to stress the urgency of passing cybersecurity legislation sooner rather than later.

5 LulzSec/Anonymous members charged after leader helps FBI

The hacker group's purported leader began helping investigators after his arrest last year, leading to five members being charged March 6.

5 thieves, 5 cities, 12 hours: Can Twitter catch them?

A State Department-sponsored contest will test social media's intelligence-gathering power, asking contestants to find a ring of international jewel thieves.

GOP's alternative cyber bill sets up 'classic Washington duel'

The bill, introduced in opposition to legislation proposed by Sen. Joe Lieberman, places no requirements on the private sector for securing critical infrastructure.

Can NSA be trusted to oversee public networks?

A lack of transparent oversight of the agency charged with snooping on foreign communications makes it a poor choice for handling domestic security.

Why government is still waiting for 'PKI-at-the-door'

Government has issued smart ID credentials to most personnel and wants to pursue a single credential for both logical and physical access, but infrastructure upgrades and tight budgets slow the use of the cards for physical access control.

Smart-grid security delayed by questions of government regulation

With billions of dollars being invested a smart electric grid, its security still is being debated by a Congress divided politically over the role of government in securing critical infrastructure.

25 alleged Anonymous hackers busted in international crackdown

The suspects were arrested after an Interpol-backed investigation. Other Anonymous members retaliated quickly.

DOD wants in on protecting civilian infrastructure

Defense Deputy Secretary Ashton B. Carter calls for support of greater info sharing between government and the private sector at the 2012 RSA Conference.

DARPA's $40K 'quest' tests social media's ability to help in emergency

The CLIQR Quest Challenge asks participants to use their social media skills to locate QR codes that represent resources crews would need in an emergency.

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