Homeland Security

TSA piggybacks on Coast Guard emergency alert systems

When the Transportation Security Administration needed to upgrade its emergency alert system, it opted to use the system already in place for its sister agency the Coast Guard.

Emergency alert system expands to mobile phones

The Commercial Mobile Alert System, a national network for delivering emergency notices to phones by text, is scheduled to be operational in April.

Emergency text response: When alerts become spam

Text messaging is an effective aid to emergency dispatching for one New Mexico fire department, but you should be careful not to abuse the service.

In case of emergency, send text (fire crews will get there sooner)

The Farmington, N.M., Fire Department uses the Remote Print Manager to translate dispatch data into text messages, adding a quick, reliable channel for emergency response.

Agencies need new model for 'just-in-time IT,' federal CIOs say

The current system prevents agencies from reusing each other's services, CIOs said at a recent conference.

Stop playing politics with cybersecurity

The no-regulation stance of Senate Republicans opposing the new cybersecurity bill lessens the chance of getting meaningful legislation passed.

Bipartisan cyber bill now the center of partisan turf war

Sen. Joe Lieberman's attempt to strike the "right balance" draws the ire of Sen. John McCain and other GOP leaders, who are planning their own bill.

McCain: Senate GOP plans its own cybersecurity bill

Sen. John McCain says during a hearing on the most recent Lieberman cybersecurity bill that opposing GOP senators have no choice but to offer an alternative.

FCC shoots down LightSquared's plans for satellite network

Ruling comes after NTIA report concludes there is "no practical way" to solve the problem of GPS interference at the moment.

Compromise cybersecurity bill still draws GOP fire

Sen. Joe Lieberman and his bipartisan co-sponsors say it's not SOPA or PIPA and doesn’t have a kill-switch provision, but Republicans committee leaders say it still overreaches.

Where does the IT money go in 2013 budget proposal?

Obama's 2013 budget proposal aims to cut federal IT but increase its use when it makes government more efficient. Here's where 10 departments stand.

Cybersecurity research gets boost in 2013 budget request

Cybersecurity is identified as a priority for basic research in the president's budget request for fiscal 2013, with large investments proposed for DOD, DHS and NSF.

Can government stem the rise of hacktivism?

Most distributed denial-of-service attacks today are politically or ideologically motivated, a dramatic change from past years, according to a recent survey. However, confidence in law enforcement to defend against these cyberattacks is at an all-time low.

More drones coming to airspace near you?

Keep your eyes on the skies. A bill working its way through Congress could dramatically increase the number of drones allowed in U.S. airspace.

Feds bust Super Bowl streaming sites (but Brady didn't tip them off)

The New England Patriots' quarterback's comments aren't why agents shut down the illegal sites; the Super Bowl is always a good platform for calling attention to piracy.

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