Homeland Security

New rules of cyber-crime engagement needed to protect US now

Targeted cyber crime threats are on the rise and cause real concern for U.S. national security secrets, intell chiefs testified at a recent Senate hearing.

Court's GPS ruling doesn't answer the real question of online privacy

The court's decision that use of a GPS tracking device constitutes a search relied on property rights and did not address the question of privacy in an increasingly online world.

Police testing long-range scanner to 'frisk' for guns on the street

The New York Police Department, which is developing the device with DOD, wants to use terahertz wave technology to detect weapons from as far as 80 feet away.

FBI wants social media intell scanner

The Web-based tool would scan social media sites and commercial news outlets to help stay ahead of unfolding crises.

About that speeding ticket – it’s a scam

Phishing campaign targets city employees with e-mailed speeding tickets, similar to a nationwide campaign last year.

After 10 years, $356M, Justice IG wants to scuttle IWN project

An inspector general's audit report recommends ending the troubled program for building a national wireless law enforcement network in favor of newer technologies.

Koobface ring goes offline after Facebook exposes its members

The Russia-based malware ring, which has stolen millions of dollars, took its central command and control server offline, though authorities are still hoping to track them.

Supreme Court: Planting GPS tracker on a car is 'search,' requires warrant

The court rules unanimously that police installing a GPS device on a suspect's vehicle constitutes a search and requires a warrant to be constitutional.

Switch glitch brings down Virginia police network

The failure of a network switch left Virginia's state police without access to law enforcement records for five hours Jan. 19, the AP reported.

FBI's Megaupload bust, Anonymous' hacks underscore SOPA battle

Seven foreign citizens are indicted for stealing millions of dollars from the recording industry via Megaupload, which appears to have had the support of some of its most prominent entertainers.

TSA adopts Coast Guard's emergency alert system

AWS allows the organization to send notifications and alerts to all of its personnel and facilities via voice, text and e-mail.

Industry needs government help to protect infrastructure, GAO study says

There is no lack of guidance for protecting the nation's critical infrastructure, but a study found that government could do a better job of providing advice and assistance to non-regulated industries.

New variant of Zeus Trojan targeting bank accounts, FBI warns

Victims of phishing scam download "Gameover" malware that gives up access to their account information.

Police scanner apps are criminals' latest tool

What if criminal suspects could gain a leg up on police by listening in on secure law enforcement radio transmissions via smart phones? That's already happening in Maryland.

One for 911: NYC puts police, fire, medical calls on integrated system

All of the city's dispatchers are for the first time on the same system, which can handle up to 50,000 calls an hour.

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