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LightSquared: GPS interference is device-makers' fault

In a petition to the FCC, the company says GPS device-makers have no right to protection from signal interference because LightSquared, not GPS devices, has a license to use the spectrum.

Mike Daconta

Are we serious about cybersecurity? Here's a test to find out.

The U.S. will either do the hard work necessary to establish a strong national cybersecurity defense or get stuck in the doldrums of decline.

House bill sets up cyber threat clearinghouse at DHS

Proposal would create national clearinghouse for cybersecurity and threat information, and spells out the Homeland Security Department's role in protecting critical infrastructure.

DHS outlines goals for nation's critical infrastructure

A DHS blueprint lists objectives for securing critical infrastructure and creating a more secure information ecosystem.

Calif. joins fight against cyber crime

The state of California is targeting online crooks with its new cyber crimes unit announced this week.

First test finds glitches in Emergency Alert System

Coverage of the Emergency Alert System, built on legacy broadcast radio technology, is incomplete and not completely reliable; FCC and FEMA are updating it with an Integrated Public Alert and Warning System.

Hacks of municipal water, power services prompts DHS warning

Hackers can use free search tools to find Internet-facing utility systems that operators might not even know are accessible online, ICS-CERT says. The FBI says power and water systems in three cities have been hit.

Virginia Tech alert system helps lock down campus after shootings

VT Alerts, installed after the 2007 rampage that left 33 dead, alerted people on campus via Web postings, e-mail, electronic messages, loudspeakers, phone calls and a desktop app.

State Dept., Coast Guard to lash health record systems together

The State Department and Coast Guard will set up an interagency disaster recovery network through which State health care providers can access records of Defense and Veterans Affairs departments' personnel under their care.

System would monitor feds for signs they're 'breaking bad'

DARPA is supporting development of a system to monitor e-mail, texts and other activities on a massive scale to identify insider threats.

Congress mulls clearinghouse for sharing cyber threat info

Draft legislation would create a quasi-governmental organization for exchanging cyber threat information between government and the private sector.

App helps emergency crews ID toxic chemicals

Medical personnel dealing with cases of possible exposure to hazardous chemicals could have an easier time deciding on a course of treatment thanks to a new online tool from the National Library of Medicine.

Paul McCloskey

Big data = smaller government

Government's increasing use of analytics software could help pull the nation out the current economic stall and make government programs smaller, smarter and cheaper.

Counterfeiting crackdowns: Do they do any good?

Seizing the Web domains of counterfeit traffickers helps a little, but success against these criminals depends on a lot more.

Cyber bill strong on info sharing, light on privacy protections

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act encourages public/private sharing of threat information, but contains few restrictions on the data shared and no protection for individual privacy.

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