IT Security

DIA Multi Domain Dissemination System

DIA message system slashes clearance-level red tape

Two-stage DIA protocol preps documents to move at 'moment's notice' across separate security domains.

Windows 8's winding path to agency networks

Wholesale migrations aren't expected soon, but IT managers say there are several ways the new OS could start slipping in through the side doors.

Divide the password process to defend against attacks

An innovative cryptographic scheme does away with trusted third parties to protect stored and scrambled passwords on separate servers.

Sandia Labs’ virtual Android network is part of a larger project to emulate large-scale networks to help understand and defend complex online environments.

How to secure 300,000 smart phones? MegaDroid can help.

Sandia Labs’ virtual Android network is part of a larger project to emulate large-scale networks to help understand and defend complex online environments.

Automated IT security gets a step closer

Using NIST's Security Content Automation Protocol in tandem with TCG's Trusted Network Connect architecture provides the benefits of two open standards to improve endpoint security.

NIST SHA-3: K. Talbott/NIST with Shutterstock images

How government created a new secure hash

The government has specified a series of vetted cryptographic algorithms that can be used to verify the authenticity of documents and digital signatures. Here's how they do it.

Why agencies don't have to upgrade to a new crypto hash

The winner of the five-year competition -- called Keccak -- will be a candidate for the new federal SHA-3 standard, but NIST scientists say it is not a replacement for SHA-2, which has held up better than expected.

Belkin Secure Audio and Microphone Four-Port Switch

Belkin switch secures audio ports

For agencies that need secure voice over IP communications, Belkin has introduced a switch that offers certralized control over audio ports.

Using a ‘sinkhole’ to squash the Nitol botnet

Microsoft has reached a settlement with the operators of the domain in China to “sinkhole” traffic to 70,000 malicious subdomains.

The 10 biggest doubts executives and IT managers have about the cloud

What do IT leaders have confidence in? Not government regulations, exit strategies or data privacy, according to a new survey.

Android malware builds 3D model of user's environment

A team from Indiana University frames PlaceRaider as a potential tool for burglars, but what if it got into government buildings?

Worried about Java? Get Groovy, baby

Groovy, a subset of Java, is so easy to work with it, it could one day replace the ubiquitous programming language.

The 20 most common words in phishing attacks

A new report from FireEye details the dominant current trend in phishing, and the most common words and file attachments used in malicious e-mails.

Can mobile devices work as ID cards, thin clients on a secure net?

DISA wants software that would let DOD personnel securely use smart phones and tablets on DOD networks.

Agencies yet to 'crack the code' on mobile management, security

Mobility is key for unlocking productivity, but government still struggles to securely manage mobile devices and their data, agency IT leaders say.

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