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Breakthrough? Cyber bills could reach Senate floor in July.

A bipartisan effort to move cybersecurity legislation in the Senate could bring pending bills to the floor in July, though partisan differences still have to be ironed out.

Lockheed's Gooden: Federal IT efforts doing well despite tight budgets

A focus on streamlining systems and delivering constituent services can help agency initiatives succeed in rocky times, a company executive says.

IT industry calls for consistent global cybersecurity policies

An international group of IT industry associations offers a set of principles it says can enable cybersecurity while protecting innovation.

State-sponsored attacks targeting Microsoft zero-day?

Researchers have found new attacks on an unpatched flaw that affects all supported versions of Windows, and that prompted Google's recent warning about state-sponsored attacks.

Flame reportedly set up Stuxnet attack, was under human control

The spyware, reportedly a U.S. cyber weapon targeting Iran, was being actively updated as recently as March and apparently was directed by an individual rather than being automated, according to Bit9 research.

Internet blackout looms for 300K DNSChanger-infected computers

More than 300,000 computers still are using stopgap servers as the July 9 deadline approaches, and if they haven't fixed the problem by now, they probably won't, a Symantec expert says.

Mobile security: The old ways don't cut it

Many organizations mistakenly think that traditional IT infrastructures can support mobile security, experts say.

Tim Solms

5 ways the public cloud can go wrong for DOD agencies

As defense agencies embrace cloud computing, many are finding that cloud solutions deemed good enough for consumers can't handle their unique requirements.

Hacker charged with selling access to Energy, other networks

Justice says a 23-year-old tried to sell an FBI undercover agent access to an DOE supercomputer for $50,000.

Study: Spend less on antivirus, more on catching cyber crooks

A Cambridge study concludes that spending on security products greatly outweighs the costs of cyber crime and that it would be better to just go after online criminals.

ICANN, again, exposes domain applicants' info

Information that was supposed to be kept private on applicants for new generic top-level domains was inadvertently posted as part of ICANN's Reveal Day.

Bosses and CISOs: What we've got here is failure to communicate

A recent survey suggests CEOs and CISOs don't speak the same language. Maybe it's time for government to set some generally accepted standards for information security.

Tenn. school system hack exposes student, employee data

The hack by a previously unknown group could have exposed some personal data on as many as 110,000 current and former employees and students.

Bills would require warrants for domestic drone surveillance

Companion bills in the House and Senate want Fourth Amendment protections applied to UAV use.

Microsoft issues Flame-resistant certificate updater

The automated updater will flag digital certificates considered untrustworthy to counter the spyware's spoofing tricks.

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