IT Security

UMD, Northrop to help train next generation of cybersecurity pros

The University of Maryland and Northrop Grumman are working together to develop a college-level course to train and accredit tomorrow's cybersecurity professionals.

Microsoft warns of zero-day attack

The vulnerability in XML Core Service, being actively exploited, affects all supported versions of Windows and Office 2003 and 2007.

NIST issues guide to fixing the holes in Bluetooth

The updated special publication offers guidance on countering threats to devices using Bluetooth, some versions of which provide only limited security.

IBM development package can boost mobile app security

The new portfolio lets organizations test and manage security for mobile apps across the software development life cycle.

Researchers find 'proof' of Flame-Stuxnet link

Kaspersky Lab says an early Stuxnet version used code from Flame; separate research reveals "world-class" crypto behind Flame's attack.

FedRAMP aims to authorize 3 cloud providers by year's end

The three CSPs applied for accreditation on the day the program officially launched.

LinkedIn hack: A new chance to fix bad passwords

The networking platform has invalidated the passwords that were stolen and posted on a Russian hacker site, but changing passwords is still a good idea for everyone.

Defense, intell heavyweights urge Senate action on cyber bills

Saying that the window of opportunity to pass critical legislation is quickly disappearing, seven former Pentagon, Homeland Security and intelligence officials urged Senate leaders to bring cybersecurity legislation to the floor.

Why the FBI wants IPv6: It's better for tracking criminals

New protocols will allow individual IP addresses for all users, which doesn’t always happen with IPv4.

Google warnings of state-sponsored attacks: Sign of the times

Cyberattacks once were mostly pranks pulled by script kiddies. Now national governments at the keyboard – and they’re serious.

How BlackBerry holds onto government users

Despite growing competition from Android and Apple, RIM says its security, support for BYOD policies and cross-platform management services appeal to agencies.

Invincea Enterprise Edition Browser

Make your browser invincible

The Invincea Browser can record malware activity while operating from a safe, virtual environment.

Turn on IPv6, get attacked by malware

As content providers and end users adopt IPv6, malware using the new Internet Protocols is ready and waiting, says content delivery company Akamai.

Are people ready to vote in their pajamas?

The core technology to ensure secure online voting exists, but end-to-end accountability must extend to the home.

Flame spyware used forged Microsoft certificates

Redmond issued an emergency update, saying some of Flame's techniques could be used in more widespread attacks.

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