IT Security

Malware version of Angry Birds Space appears

Sophos has identified a Trojan horse masquerading as a Android version of the game on some unofficial apps stores.

Report: Stuxnet planted by Iranian double agent for Israel

An Iranian dissident working for Israel used a memory stick to implant the Stuxnet worm at Iran's Natanz nuclear processing facility, according to a published report.

FedRAMP still has some hurdles to clear, GSA's McClure says

Throughout government, security officers will have different interpretations of what security controls are acceptable, says GSA's Dave McClure.

DHS to track video-game consoles

DHS and the U.S. Navy are interested in extracting data from video game consoles purchased overseas, in order to catch terrorists and pedophiles.

NIST proposes cleaning up the Digital Signature Standard

Changes proposed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology would clarify the transition to a new set of approved tools and correct some errors in the current version.

Flashback infections of Apple's OS X prove no one is safe

It has taken months, but fixes for the most prolific malware to hit the Apple OS have arrived, and the infection rate for Flashback is dropping.

The big target in cyber war isn't military anymore

The greatest international threat today is not to military targets or critical infrastructure but to intellectual property, said Estonian President Toomas Hendrick Ilves.

Beware '' and similar sp00fed links in e-mail

Even if you check the URLs for links in e-mail and other messages, you could still be fooled by homographs.

Victim list in Utah medical-records hack grows to 780,000

State IT and health officials say 280,000 of the victims had their Social Security numbers stolen in the medical-records hack, which came from Eastern Europe.

Oak Ridge lab takes a new tack on 'big security'

A team at Oak Ridge National Lab is developing tools that use advanced machine learning to counter cyber threats.

Exercise provides strategies for new federal cyber center

A cyber exercise at Los Alamos National Laboratory is helping to lay the mission foundations and priorities for a new federal cyber coordination center.

National cyber defense championship is more than just a game

The 10 teams competing in the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition this month are, in their own way, helping to develop a much-needed cybersecurity workforce.

FCC, wireless industry battle 'epidemic' of smart-phone thefts

The PROTECT Initiative will use a database of phone and tablet serial numbers to render lost or stolen devices inactive and educate the public on protective steps.

Open doors with phones, and 4 other predictions for federal mobile access

CAC and PIV cards will move to smart phones in 2012, creating a new model for access control, according to observers' predictions.

Iran building a private, isolated Internet, but can it shut out the world?

The country's "national information network," set to be completed in 2013, would track users' actions and keep out any content the government deems offensive.

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