IT Security

Warrantless cell-phone tracking widespread, study finds

U.S. police routinely track cell phones in their investigations, but only a tiny minority obtain warrants to do so, according to an ACLU investigation.

White House: Put teeth into online privacy Bill of Rights

An administration official says that legislation is essential to effective protections in the proposed Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights.

Anonymous' 'Global Blackout': The odds against an Internet shutdown

The chances of Anonymous or anyone else shutting down the Internet are pretty slim, but even skeptical experts say damage can be done.

DHS getting a bad rap on cybersecurity?

Sen. John McCain's recent rant about DHS could make even an airline passenger feel sorry for the department.

'No one would tolerate' Internet crime rates in physical world, FCC official says

Officials stop short of calling for regulation of industry cybersecurity but tell a House panel that current efforts are "not working."

LulzSec Reborn? Military dating data dump may be work of reformed group

A band of hackers calling themselves "LulzSec Reborn" exposed the usernames and passwords of more than 170,000 subscribers to an online military dating service March 25. Or has it?

Don't look now, but everybody (CIA, DHS, etc.) is watching

As social media analytics improves, the intelligence community and other agencies are monitoring the traffic on popular sites. But could they put privacy at risk?

Ex-official in Fla. charged with hacking district's computer system

The former CFO of the Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District faces 21 felony counts.

McCain slams DHS, wants DOD to defend cyberspace

A Senate budget hearing on the Defense Department's Strategic and Cyber Commands became a duel over how the nation's cyber defense should be structured.

GAO: Agencies expose themselves to IT supply-chain threats

The four departments with national security responsibilities haven't identified the threats or developed mitigation policies and procedures, a report states.

Army Cyber Command to streamline cyber defense process

The Army Cyber Command is changing its information assurance accreditation methods by increasing automation and training additional compliance teams.

FTC recommends Do Not Track be voluntary -- or else

The commission calls for greater regulation of data brokers and a Do-Not-Track option that could be made law if not adopted voluntarily.

Microsoft-led raids disrupt 'some of the worst' Zeus botnets

The company's Digital Crimes Unit, with an assist from the U.S. Marshals Service, confiscates servers and IP addresses and files civil charges against 39 unknown defendants.

All used up: Agency hardware recycling guideline lacks muscle

GSA guidelines don't carry the weight that mandates do with feds, and GAO believes that the rules for electronic waste disposal needs the backing of an agency with enforcement powers.

Poor follow-up left public vulnerable after FBI's DNSChanger bust

The take-down of an Internet fraud ring went down as planned, but inadequate public outreach left millions of computers at risk.

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