IT Security

How to respond to the inevitable security breach

Incident response has become an integral part of IT security and NIST offers updated guidelines for handling breaches.

Mobilescope warns you when apps are leaking data

Mobile apps often take liberties with your personal data; this tool lets you know what they're up to.

DDOS attack of rare power behind WikiLeaks take-down

The attack, which started Aug. 3, started as WikiLeaks was releasing information on an allegedly secret, sophisticated surveillance program.

Typical Web app is attacked 274 times a year, study finds

If your agency delivers information and services through website applications, be ready for plenty of "battle days," according to an Imperva study.

Stuxnet/Flame/Gauss and the limits of cyber espionage

Discovery of the state-sponsored (wink, wink) Gauss malware proves once again that, in cyberspace, nothing stays secret for long.

FBI warns of drive-by attacks from Reveton virus

The ransomware can download from a compromised website and freeze a user's computer, demanding that they pay a 'fine.'

4 tips for making the leap to unified computing

Alaska's enterprise architect offers tips for overcoming migration hurdles to deploying so-called fabric or unified computing.

They send sensitive data to cloud, even if they don't trust security

A survey of managers finds that a majority have little or no knowledge of how their providers protect their data.

Managed service can help organizations meet HIPAA privacy rules

HIPAA Essential from StillSecure can help organizations meet the requirements of the HITECH Act.

'Pls open attachment' and other low-tech spam persists

Despite the growth of advanced threats, there's still plenty of old-school, low-imagination spam going around.

Army's MORPHINATOR: A shape-shifting approach to network defense

The cyber maneuver technology would randomize configurations and other aspects of a network to fool and foil intruders.

Securing the grid is crucial, but Chicken Little claims don’t help

Senators' claims that critical infrastructure is vulnerable to a "few keystrokes" belie its resilience and obscure the real threats.

Air Force to expand use of cyber warfare training center

Illinois center will include more military commands, educational institutions and other federal agencies.

License plate scanners: Useful tools, but what about all that data?

The systems, which can capture up to thousands of images per hour, are increasingly popular with police but are raising privacy conerns.

BIOS' 'privileged position' makes it a target for sophisticated attacks

The Basic Input/Output System that boots a computer could be an attractive target for sophisticated exploits, and the complexity of servers creates specific challenges that NIST addresses in new security guidelines.

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