IT Security

As cyber threats get smarter, prevention must keep pace

NIST offers practical guidance on intrusion detection and prevention systems to help counter the new breed of stealthy, targeted attacks.

DOD wants cyberterrorism-prediction software

DARPA seeks proposals for new software that can scour social media and other sites to predict cyberterrorism events.

NASCIO's new plan: CIOs take the lead

Top state IT leaders have adopted a new strategic plan aimed at putting a stronger emphasis on CIO leadership.

After what happened in Vegas, feds keep low profile at Black Hat

It would be a shame if feds were scared away from information-rich conferences like Black Hat because of the excesses of some GSA managers.

iPad, iPhone's kernel-up security could be a better bet for gov

At Black Hat, Apple's security chief gave a rare look into how the company hardens its iOS operating system.

Mass. health authority uses ID software to prevent fraud

The Massachusetts Health Insurance Connector Authority is using LexisNexis identity management software to verify the residency information of people participating in the exchange.

AC/DC 'Thunderstruck' worm and the rise of infrastructure attacks

The NSA's chief says attacks on U.S. critical infrastructure increased 17-fold in two years, while Iran's nuclear program continues to be a target.

'Hit man' phishing scam makes an offer you can refuse

Phishing is the most common attack used against federal networks, so it's important to be aware of the latest techniques, even if they seem unlikely.

Ex-FBI cyber sleuth: Government 'gets it,' but it will take time

Former FBI official Shawn Henry said government understands the need to be more forthcoming with cyber intell, but creating the necessary legislative and policy framework is complex.

New ‘Universal Gateway’ speeds data to Navy vessels

Office of Naval Research’s “network bridging system” moves data instantaneously between the combat system and the command and control network.

New tool spots hacking vulnerabilities in smart meters

Smart meters have an optical port that, if attacked, can let someone change the way they operate, a researcher says at Black Hat.

Black Hat: If it ain't broke, it's just a matter of time

This year's Black Hat Briefings will tackle OS security — or lack of it — in Windows and iOS. Mobile devices and industrial control systems get a lot of attention, too.

Windows 8: A secure OS for government?

Security in the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system beats previous releases by “leaps and bounds,” according to researchers at the Black Hat Briefings.

Cyber bill accents threat-info sharing, government IT monitoring

Sen. Lieberman introduces cybersecurity bill that offers limited liability for sharing threat information and emphasizes continuous monitoring of government IT systems.

Continuous monitoring of IT favored in FISMA plan

A compromise version of Cybersecurity Act of 2012 backs continuous monitoring of government IT security over regulatory compliance in the Federal Information Security Management Act.

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