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Government's 7 top challenges to embracing the cloud

The Government Accountability Office recently released a report that assessed the progress seven agencies have made in implementing the Cloud First policy and came up with their seven top challenges.

The perils of bad patch management

Known vulnerabilities provide the most frequently attacked targets in commonly used software. NIST offers updated guidance for handling this crucial and challenging chore.

One click and help is on the way

Although HelpSTAR2012 is not cheap, cutting downtime and streamlining help desk calls can be worth the money over time.

One way to manage BYOD: Limit the options

Intel's approach to managing personal devices, which includes evaluations under five general criteria, could be of interest to agencies of similar size.

Government runs on IT, regardless of who is in office

A survey of government officials indicates that it is cost savings — not politics — that drives technology purchasing.

Audit finds some holes in NASA's cybersecurity center

The Inspector General says the consolidated Security Operations Center has improved its security but still has some key vulnerabilities.

Mike Daconta

White House digital strategy hits the mark

Behind the plan are all the pieces for a robust, 21st-century platform.

To learn IPv6, you must first unlearn IPv4

IPv6 is not IPv4, and administrators will have to learn new tricks in setting up and running networks using the latest protocols, one network manager says.

How one university is switching to IPv6 on its own terms

Central Michigan University is starting while it still has plenty of IPv4 address space left, giving network administrators time to listen, learn and implement.

New architecture underlies OMB's 'anytime, anywhere, any device' strategy

The strategy envisions a governmentwide architecture that can leverage innovative technology to make more government data and services available through a variety of channels.

Tougher road ahead for fed data-center consolidation

Many government departments and agencies have rid themselves of the most obvious efficiency offenders: small data centers, facilities previously marked for closure and IT resources deemed surplus to mission requirements.

Surprise: 57 percent admit to using pirated software

Is it just coincidence that unmanaged and unpatched software continues to be a major security problem?

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