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Better ID assurance is essential for the new online world, DOD deputy secretary says

As DOD moves from a network-centric world to a content-centric environment, DOD information assurance chief Robert F. Lentz says better ID management is needed to assure needed security and reliability.

Advantages of cloud computing can come with a serious price tag

Experts warn that cloud computing brings with it a loss of control and legal protection in a computing framework that still is maturing.

Microsoft unveils program to help quantify costs, risks and returns of patch management

Microsoft Corp. has unveiled a research program to help organizations quantify the costs, risks and returns of patch management.

User satisfaction with government Web sites levels off

Users of government Web sites report no greater satisfaction with these sites than they did four months ago, according to a recent survey.

Why Linux administrators should consider OpenSolaris

Sun engineer Harry Foxwell lays out his case for what makes OpenSolaris a good open-source alternative to Linux.

Splunk announces Version 4 of its IT search software

Splunk lets users search applications, log, events, or any machine-generated data and boasts faster speeds, dashboard capabilities.

Coalition to promote greater use of open-source apps in government

Open-source software continues to make inroads into the federal government, and a new organization to promote open-source applications has been established.

Guidance being updated for integrating data security into budgeting process

NIST has released a draft version of updated guidance on selecting, managing and evaluating security investments and accounting for information security in all IT investments.

Agencies open up to open-source software

The U.S. Postal Service is just one of several agencies that have found a place for open source software in their IT operations.

Virtualization technology could address Pentagon's network security problems

Defense Department officials want to know whether virtualization technology can make DOD’s networks more secure and easier to manage.

DOD's social media outreach missing some marks

Less than 10 percent of visitors are younger than age 25, while 80 percent of the military community is between the ages of 18 and 25.

NYC takes charge of IT assets, help desk costs

New York City’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications is achieving significant savings and more efficient service by consolidating many of its IT services.

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