IT Systems Management

SSA goes big on VOIP

The Social Security Administration is replacing phone systems at more than 1,500 field offices with a single, centrally managed voice-over-IP solution.

How to reap the benefits of virtualization

Forrester Research virtualization experts share advice on how to get stakehohlders on your side, give your staff the right tools and maximize IT productivity.

GAO: Intelligent Mail program might not be a good deal for mailers or USPS

As the Postal Service embarks on an effort to more fully automate its handling of bulk mail with more intelligent bar codes, the Government Accountability Office warns the program could be threatened by poor management and disappointing customer participation.

Survey: Public-sector IT pros lack clarity about stimulus funding

Seventy-nine percent of respondents to a recent survey said they were only somewhat aware of the flow of stimulus funds into their organizations and the impact the money might be having.

CISOs have growing clout in agencies, but still face challenges

Although the role of the federal chief information security officer is maturing, there still is not enough senior management attention to security, there are too many organizational stovepipes and there is too much focus on compliance and reporting rather than on managing risk, according to a survey released by ISC2, Cisco Systems and Government Futures.

GAO offers advice as SSA prepares to replace its aging data center

SSA plans to use $500 million of stimulus funding to replace its aging National Computer Center with a new data center to support its growing and increasingly automated workload.

L.A. County maps existing, potential solar power systems

Los Angeles County has created a "solar map" of the rooftops of 1,100 municipal buildings there to assess the potential for placing solar energy installations.

William Jackson | Will IT security founder on the reef of human behavior?

A common theme at the recent RSA security conference was that people, not technology, are the missing element in improving the quality of our IT security.

Proposed guidelines offer help in managing passwords in the enterprise

NIST releases draft publication on ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of passwords according to the security requirements of resources being protected.

Review of U.S. cybersecurity to call for executive leadership and stronger government-industry cooperation

Melissa Hathaway gives few details and no surprises in her preview of the results of the administration’s 60-day review of cybersecurity at the RSA Conference. The report is to be released “in the coming days.”

US-CERT embracing new, more holistic approach to cybersecurity

An outdated methodology focused on specific incidents too often misses the forest for the trees, says U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team director Mischel Kwon.

Anti-malware efforts move past signatures for new ways to find unwanted code

Tools being touted at this week’s RSA Security conference monitor the state of the computer, watch for suspicious traffic and lock down hardware to protect against malicious code.

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