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Administrators: Security technology often works together better than people using it

Interoperability of IT security products is necessary to secure networks, but a panel of government administrators concluded that it is people, not products, that often are the greatest barrier to sharing data.

2008: The year of the browser for Web insecurity

The best Web hacks of 2008 tended to focus on the client side, according to one security professional at the RSA conference.

Helpful hints on dealing with the worm du jour

Conficker/Downadup didn’t turn ugly April 1, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored.

Shawn McCarthy | Civilian agencies could use a DISA of their own

A civilian group patterned after DISA could help provide a single interface to procurement, hosting and systems engineering services while helping with enterprise standardization and improved pricing.

US-CERT warns of another variant of Conficker worm

The multifaceted malware appears to be updating itself again in its never-ending mission to detect and infect unpatched systems.

Reducing 'noise' in quantum computing is more difficult than first believed

Scientists at NIST prove that what once looked like a promising technique for limiting errors in futuristic computers is not only more difficult than thought, but impossible. But that is a good thing to know.

Neeris worm uses old tricks on Windows PCs

A new variant of Neeris began infecting Microsoft Windows-based systems between March 31 and April 1 while IT security experts were focused on the Conficker worm.

Regulators concerned about cybersecurity of electric grid

A survey of compliance with industry cybersecurity standards indicates that many power generation and transmission companies might be ignoring their critical cyber assets.

NIST ramps up work on standards for a Smart Grid

As development of an intelligent grid for energy distribution becomes a high priority, industry wants standards for a new critical infrastructure.

IPv6 creeps out of network core and toward the end user

A lack of business incentives has slowed deployment of IPv6, but Google’s experience with the new protocols show that “if you build it, they will come.”

DHS to sharpen its Common Operating Picture

The Homeland Security Department wants to upgrade the situational awareness tool used at the department’s National Operations Center and make it more accessible to state and local authorities.

CAG offers triage for security

Federal CIOs and CISOs should consider adopting a new set of network security recommendations, named the Consensus Audit Guidelines.

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