IT Systems Management

Census IT not ready for prime time

A lack of executive oversight and leadership has left the Census Bureau poorly prepared for the upcoming 2010 Census, with critical IT systems not fully tested and operational.

FOSE's wall-to-wall floor show

From front-office tools to back-office storage and security, the FOSE show floor has something for everyone.

Council formed to improve access to emergency phone services

The N11/8XX Essential Services Interoperability Council will promote interoperability and access to the suite of services provided through N11 and 8XX numbers.

White House updates progress on cybersecurity review

Team will present its report and recommendations on the state of the nation’s cyber security efforts by the end of April.

Change proves difficult has been overwhelmed by technological problems and other challenges that team Obama has been unable to solve.

Consensus Audit Guidelines no substitute for FISMA guidance

NIST is updating its comprehensive FISMA security control guidelines, which the CAG overlaps but does not duplicate.

More on Macs in the enterprise

Links for more of GCN's coverage of Apple's foray into the enterprise.

Macs go to work

Apple Macintosh computers, riding the benefits of Intel processors and the popularity of the company's other products, are gradually finding their way into the workplace.

New CPO: Oversight with clout

With the backing of the executive branch, the new chief performance officer will have the ability to make agencies sit up and listen.

A DRM for a new era

Semantic-based machine processing of data has improved to such an extent that agencies might benefit from an update of the federal data reference model, experts say.

DOE seeks new approach to cybersecurity

An Energy Department report cites the need to apply scientific methods to mitigate security risks to complex information systems.

For some, FAA not moving fast enough to modernize air traffic control system

Implementing the new technology is one of the key elements the FAA must address to keep the nation’s air transportation system functioning.

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