IT Systems Management

5 IT priorities for 2009

Government information technology managers have a full plate of imperatives for the coming year, from securing online systems and encrypting mobile devices to information sharing, identity management and finding a way to make use of IPv6.

State Department discourages 'reply-all' messaging

Agency's OpenNet e-mail system recently buckled under the volumne of increasingly heated e-mail exchanges between thousands of employees.

A winding path to unified storage

The Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment upgrades its storage with a network-attached storage system and gateway that lets it Keep existing systems in the mix.

The CTO's challenge

THE NEW FEDERAL chief technology officer might technically represent the government, but whoever gets the job will need to focus on a handful of critical areas.

Meet the new year, same as the old year

Predictions for information technology in the new year unfortunately are looking a lot like those from the old year, if not worse.

IT's role in the year ahead

The difficult challenges government faces in 2009 could be opportunities for IT leaders, because of IT’s role in tackling the Obama administration agenda.

Technology that helps share helps best

Senior IT officials and managers identify technology investments that would most improve the performance of government agencies.

Ethernet gets twisted

Mellanox's twisted-pair 10GBase-T controller could fuse application and storage networks.

Livermore Lab pioneers debugging tool

New tool enables researchers to pinpoint a needling problem in a haystack of processors.

InfiniBand goes the distance

InfiniBand beats TCP/IP over a dedicated WAN, government researchers find.

Advice for the future federal CTO

Norman Lorentz, the first chief technology officer at OMB, says the next official to fill that position will have to have the ear of the president and be familiar with agency missions in order to be effective.

A secure strategy for online services

Los Angeles and Orange counties in California, two of the nation’s largest, standardize on suites to improve security and simplify administration of their enterprises.

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