IT Systems Management

2012 GCN Awards call for nominations is open

Editors are looking for exceptional federal, state and local government IT projects and management teams, to be honored for their ingenuity, organizational skill and contribution to the public.

Why do feds rank cloud, agile development down on their priority list?

It's not that cloud isn't important, but federal IT professionals see other issues as more urgent, a recent Serena Software survey suggests.

Consolidation at the crossroads: 4 paths taken

Budget-strapped agencies are looking for savings in e-mail consolidation, whether in a public, private or hybrid cloud. Here's how four organizations did it.

Secrets of an IT consolidator

Getting the most out of consolidating a distributed, siloed IT environment requires management, fair deals and not being a bully.

3 tips on e-mail consolidation

State CIOs who have finished e-mail consolidation projects suggest starting small, communicating widely and considering a tiered services approach.

How Michigan's consolidation plan kept wolverines from the door

Over the past decade, Michigan's Department of Information Technology has cut costs by consolidating resources and standardizing its approach to better meet the needs of the state's agencies.

Oklahoma saves $40M on IT consolidation

In the last two years Oklahoma has saved nearly $40 million from consolidating technology projects and systems in 120 different agencies.

Key to better security on a tight budget: Quality workforce

A panel discussion on maintaining cybersecurity with a shrinking government budget quickly focuses on the workforce.

Where does the IT money go in 2013 budget proposal?

Obama's 2013 budget proposal aims to cut federal IT but increase its use when it makes government more efficient. Here's where 10 departments stand.

Is platform-as-a-service ready to leave the station?

As cloud computing efforts move to applications, platform-as-a-service will likely become a common delivery model.

Can virtualization save government $30B by 2015?

Federal, state and local IT leaders expect virtualization to double in the next four years, but legacy apps and funding remain hurdles, a MeritTalk survey finds.

OMB launches 'Shared First' IT consolidation drive

In a draft proposal, federal agencies are asked to consolidate at least two agency systems under a shared services approach by December 2012.

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