IT Systems Management

Reality Check | Transparency must be all or nothing

Commentary: Enterprise data managers could give the financial community a lesson about transparency – namely, that it must apply to everyone.

Every cloud has another cloud behind it

Hackers, spammers and phishers are exploiting the economic downturn by targeting social networking job sites.

USGS' seismic shift

The U.S. Geological Survey upgrades its earthquake monitoring system in Northern California to digital, operating in the newly available upper half of the 1.7 GHz radio frequency band.

DOD's shared interest

The Defense Department and a number of other agencies have joined a Defense Interest Group established by the networking industry to create the TM Forum for sharing best practices and for collaboration between DOD and the supporting vendors.

Editor's Desk | OMB's tools for transparency

Commentary: President-elect Barack Obama should take a look at programs the Bush administration started to open some government functions to public scrutiny.

Ed Hammersla | Secure sharing of sensitive data

GCN Interview: Ed Hammersla, chief operating officer of Trusted Computer Solutions, talks about advances in the process of securing sensitive information across domains.

The practical side of face recognition

A National Institute of Standards and Technology report, based on a study of facial images collected at border entry points, recommends five steps for improving results.

Voter sites face privacy risk

The Election Assistance Commission recommends that states take steps to protect data on voter information Web sites, even if it is public information.

The outer limits of embedded systems

Embedded systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated, as their use on the Mars Rover and at the South Pole attest. And they’re becoming more integrated with larger information technology systems.

Air Force Materi'l Command improves alert system

The command is implementing a standard for unified IP-based emergency notification nationwide, reducing the time to launch and manage a consistent alert across multiple independent systems.

Virtualization: Another aspect of green IT

Virtualization can make a single physical resource, such as a server, operating system or storage device, appear to function as multiple resources. Or it can make multiple physical resources appear as a single resource.

NIST puts rescue robots through trials

Three dozen robots are tested to develop a standard suite of performance tests to help evaluate robotic rescue devices for homeland security.

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