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What to look for in a SOA app gateway

Forrester report, which evaluates nine SOA application gateway vendors, emphasizes attack protection and processing across multiple services.

IPv6: It's now reality, not theory

The shift to the new generation of Internet protocols has begun in earnest, and organizations should begin planning for how IPv6 will be integrated into the enterprise.

When looking for products, think small

Sometimes a small company is more innovative than bigger market leaders, said Washington state IT specialist John Allen.

Want a paperless office? Let people work remotely.

The push toward mobile technologies and teleworking won't eliminate office printing, but it could help reduce it at last.

Josh Stephens is vice president of technology for IT management software company SolarWinds.

Fear the slasher: Surviving the IT budget horror show

The agency budget has become the most terrifying thing in the federal world. Here are a few steps you can take (note: don't back into a dark room) to survive the blades, teeth and tentacles of the slashers.

Mike Daconta

Systemic tensions: 3 IT project zombies that just won't die

Three recurring conflicts born of well-meaning but often diametrically opposed IT forces keep haunting IT systems development.

TSA's Secure Flight curbed risk, calmed travelers

The Transportation Security Administration took over the program to create an airline passenger watchlist and created a system with ultra-high availability, no single points of failure and trusted privacy protections.

GCN Award winners emphasize teamwork and the next generation

As a black-tie crowd of government and industry IT luminaries gathered at the GCN Awards Gala, common themes were teamwork, public service and the important contributions of the younger generation.

North Carolina gets its IT portfolio under control

Project management software lets the state's PMO dashboard its projects, score them against strategic goals and save money in the process.

OMB's 25-point plan changing the way agencies manage IT

Three federal agency IT leaders offer a snapshot of how they are implementing aspects of the government's 25-point IT plan.

Fair or foul — Microsoft blames users for most errors

A company survey states that human error is at the root of 80 percent of network downtime.

FPS risk assessment system foundering

The Federal Protective Service's costs for developing a new risk assessment system have tripled, and the system is two years behind schedule, a new report from GAO says.

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