IT Systems Management

Which agencies rank as the most innovative? The least?

A Partnership for Public Service study asked feds to rate their agencies on whether innovation is encouraged, and whether it's rewarded.

Cybersecurity moves to post-grad level at Mason

George Mason master’s degree program will teach executives how to speak the language of technology and manage cybersecurity programs.

Paul McCloskey

Smart budgets put their money on IT

Shared systems and analytics tools can help agencies cut out the waste.

8 tips for better security on a tight budget

CISOs must develop strategies to cope with limited, or even reduced, funding in the face of evolving threats and continuing regulatory and legislative mandates.

How to identify IT assets so you can secure them

NIST has released a scheme based on existing industry standards for identifying assets as part of the FISMA-mandated automated approach to security.

Administration to shutter 1,000 federal websites

The Obama administration is sharpening the blade for duplicative federal websites.

Cloud computing lacks a measure of success, survey finds

Organizations are struggling with how to measure the payoff for cloud computing, according to a survey conducted by The Open Group.

Citrix MPX9700

NetScaler load balancer can squash network latency

The Citrix Netscaler MPX 9700 ensures network availability, improves security and lowers costs by offloading stressed-out servers.

New frontiers for the cloud: Dealing with outdated contract models

Agency managers moving e-mail systems to the cloud must think through new legal risks and obligations as they negotiate service deals with cloud providers.

Administration plans to shutter 137 data centers this year

The Obama administration has released details data center closures set for this year. Which agencies will see the most?

The 67 percent solution: A CIO confronts the budget squeeze

EPA's new CIO, Malcolm Jackson, proposes five steps to making progress on IT during a time of doing "three things with the same dollars that we used to do two things with."

Shutdown would highlight government's IT dependence, experts say

Many crucial IT systems would halt and leave the government in unchartered territory in the event of a shutdown -- and history provides no guidance for how to respond.

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