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5 steps to going from 'Flintstones to Jetsons'

With the county flat broke and the local automobile industry reeling from the economic downturn, Wayne County, Mich., got creative in leaving the IT Stone Age behind.

Don't count on recycling to maintain IPv4 address pool

Recovering and reallocating unused IPv4 addresses will not significantly extend the life of the address pool or delay the need to transition to IPv6, says the Internet numbers registry.

Telework success tip: One step at a time

Much of the technology already is in place to enable teleworking in agencies. The challenge is implementing it with policies in manageable increments.

Service providers warn IPv6 could cause spam fiasco

Although the expansion of the Internet makes the move necessary, the new protocol will make it more difficult to filter out spam.

DOD need for info-sharing speed backfired with WikiLeaks

Senators warn about reverting to the pre-9/11 days of hoarding information, and say instead that agencies need to balance security concerns with needs.

In a shutdown, essential services could have an advantage in the cloud

Agencies using public cloud services might fare better than those depending on government data centers during a federal government shutdown – at least for a while, industry observers said.

How to improve security? Centralize IT management, VA CIO says.

Government IT security lags behind the private sector because of a lack of centralized budget operational authority, VA’s Roger Baker said.

Budget would boost IT spending, but 17 agencies face cuts

Eight agencies face cuts of more than 10 percent, as administration touts new technologies and targets underperforming programs and infrastructure costs.

Fresh advice on building safer software

SAFECode, an industry group focused on reliability of commercial software, has released a second edition of its best practices for developing secure software, adding more specific data on validating results.

Shawn P. McCarthy

25-point plan paralysis? Build momentum with a few quick hits.

IT officials should start on federal CIO Vivek Kundra's 25-point IT plan with e-mail and shared services.

States' shrinking IT workforce: The worst is yet to come

A survey by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers finds that states are facing critical shortages of IT workers, made worse by furloughs, hiring freezes and stagnant salaries. And the retirements of many older workers loom.

Gopal Khanna

Why states should share the load of federal IT mandates

Departing Minnesota CIO Gopal Khanna talks about IT innovation in tight budgets and says multistate projects can help handle federal IT mandates.

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