Shawn P. McCarthy

Why rebuilding your architecture from scratch could be the best bet

Cloud computing, virtualized IT, an information-consuming public and demands from to do more with less are forcing agency IT shops to rethink their approach.

Shawn P. McCarthy

'Cloud first' giving way to 'mobile first'

"Mobile first" has become the war cry of Web developers -- and agencies -- who want to take a standardized, enterprise approach to the explosion of smart phones and tablets.

Bring your smart phone to work; leave your data in Somalia

Two recent decisions don't seem connected, but both will affect the way agencies ultimately choose to move to cloud computing while supporting new mobile devices.

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Services-focused IT calls for renewed security push

As agencies cut their IT budgets, security is one thing that they still have to get right, and that might mean boosting investments to get it right the first time.

Shawn P. McCarthy

Twilight of Windows XP means decision time for IT managers

Government agencies face tough choices about their desktop strategy as they contemplate the end of Microsoft support for Windows XP by 2014.

Shawn P. McCarthy

Old systems: When to modernize, leapfrog, shut down or stay the course

Here are some rules of thumb IT managers can follow when facing the end of life of legacy systems.

Shawn P. McCarthy

Why agencies need a blueprint for shared IT services

By focusing on core systems, your downsized organization could become an expert at providing resources to other agencies, which could lead to new, highly focused growth.

Shawn P. McCarthy

25-point plan paralysis? Build momentum with a few quick hits.

IT officials should start on federal CIO Vivek Kundra's 25-point IT plan with e-mail and shared services.

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