Internaut: Take over WiFi spectrum to improve communications

Have you ever thought of WiFi signal interference as a contract issue rather than a technical problem?

Internaut: XML extensions ease sharing of business data

As government gets ready to share more types of security data to deter terrorism, it's a good time to ask whether your agency is prepared to share ordinary business data.

Internaut: Four trends drive government network spending

Government expenditures on network and data communications equipment will nearly double, from $1.3 billion this year to more than $2 billion by 2008, according to new research findings from International Data Corp. of Framingham, Mass.

Internaut: Open source for government IT?

Computer Associates International Inc. and IBM Corp. have given the open-software community a big boost by making their database code available.

Internaut: Localities' dual-use projects will aid homeland security

State and local IT managers are far less excited than their federal counterparts about homeland security.

Internaut: Browser woes could prompt user switch

Until Microsoft Corp. gets serious about fixing the security flaws in its Internet Explorer browser, some government users are considering less-vulnerable alternatives for the Web.

Internaut: Government IT spending winners and losers

A close look at forecasts of federal IT spending between now and 2007 shows three interesting trends. There are significant winners and losers in some hardware categories, and software trends that will shape agency buying patterns for years to come.

Internaut: Data drillers: Watch the fault lines on personal data

The controversial Total Information Awareness project may be gone, but multiple data-mining projects continue to flourish within the federal government, the General Accounting Office has found.