Internaut: Justice XML effort is promising

One of the more interesting public-safety and homeland security efforts in recent months is a data reference model called Justice XML, officially known as the Global Justice XML Data Model.

Power User: Don't search for text with all the wrong tools

Whether you regularly dig through more than 15,000 documents you've authored or delve into years of records created by others, using Microsoft Office search tools is nothing short of torture.

Internaut: Want to be a project manager? Take these courses

Installing any new database or network in a government office means that someone must be assigned to oversee the schedule, deliverables and budget.

Internaut: Open-source isn't always best

Half-truths are flying about open-source versus licensed software, and the debate will ratchet up another notch in coming months.

Internaut: Linux links

Internaut: Linux isn't all black and white

The open-source Linux operating system will likely remain free for the foreseeable future, despite SCO Group's legal fight with IBM Corp.

Internaut: Instant messengers bring new security risks

Instant messaging programs that spread Trojan horse programs, viruses and spam are raising a powerful new threat to system security. It's different from hacking or site cracking, and fighting it takes different tactics.

Internaut: HSD should fix a big weakness -- spoofing

As the Homeland Security Department starts collecting data about infrastructure vulnerabilities, I hope it will focus on one of the most obvious: hackers' ability to cover their tracks by spoofing IP addresses.