Internaut: It pays to link IT procurement into the supply chain

Not all dot-com business innovations have gone bust. Take, for example, supply chain management.

Internaut: These Net bills make sense'really

The thought of any Internet legislation on Capitol Hill makes many people nervous'and rightly so.

Internaut: What's RSS? And should agencies syndicate their data?

Have you considered syndicating the online information your government office collects?

Expanded HP reveals product strategies

Following this week's finalization of the merger of Hewlett-Packard Co. and Compaq Computer Corp., officials of the consolidated company said servers, storage and software will remain the core of its enterprise offerings.

Internaut: Here's the latest in usability lore from'surprise!'the feds

Agency webmasters always feel pressure to nail up more door knockers on their sites. After all, the taxpayers deserve to know what's there, and the agencies deserve to highlight their hard work in adding another database or resource.


Training initiatives now under way should help the government over two big obstacles: broadening electronic services and guarding against cyberterrorism. The question is, will Congress fork over enough money to make a real difference?

Internaut: ICANN says, 'I can't, not any longer'

The federal government gave up managing the Internet Domain Name System root in 1999. Now the job may be handed back to the government or to an international body with multigovernment sponsorship.

Internaut: Some federal sites walk on the wild side

One great thing about the Web is the way you stumble across new things while looking up other things. Here are some tidbits I recently found while doing unrelated research.

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