Why consolidation will boost use of open-source systems

The government's data center consolidation initiative, which should ramp up in January, could have an interesting ripple effect: A spike in the use of open-source systems.

Shawn P. McCarthy

Think you can just jump into the cloud? Think again.

Newly arriving services must be able to interchange data with existing systems during a transition to cloud computing. And none of it can happen unless agencies have a SOA that can support much more than just Web-facing applications.

Shawn P. McCarthy

An easy way to save time, money with new PCs

Letting vendors handle the disk imaging for new PCs can save agencies from a time-consuming task while still complying with core configuration requirements.

Shawn P. McCarthy

The 3 urgent security concerns you'll have this month

Federal agencies have more than enough security issues to worry about these days. But unfortunately, they may find three new concerns this month, and they should be branded "urgent."

Shawn P. McCarthy

Why you should know the difference between search tools and discovery tools

There is some overlap among search, information discovery and e-discovery tools. But the way those tools conduct searches and present information differentiates the three concepts, Internaut columnist Shawn McCarthy says.

Shawn P. McCarthy

If virtual servers can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen

It's important to correctly estimate the strain virtualization will put on your servers. Is your data center more like a sporadically utilized home workshop? Or more like an occasionally very busy kitchen?

Shawn P. McCarthy

2020 vision: 10 things you'll see on the Web in the next 10 years

By 2020, you'll have one device for all uses, proximity networking will take hold, and spam just might be brought under control, says IDC senior analyst Shawn McCarthy.

Shawn P. McCarthy

How to know the source of shared data

As data is shared, multiple copies of that data can emerge. A Tagged Data Authority Server could help solve the question of who has authority over the data by maintaining the master copy.