Shawn P. McCarthy

Fusion center approach could be effective in other areas

The fusion center approach used in antiterrorism operations could also be applied to other civilian uses, such as bridge and road monitoring and electronic business reporting.

Outsourced infrastructure management can control the sprawl and more

Infrastructure management as a service can be a powerful tool for plugging several holes that could prevent agencies from fully investing in SOA for their entire network.

Shawn McCarthy | Civilian agencies could use a DISA of their own

A civilian group patterned after DISA could help provide a single interface to procurement, hosting and systems engineering services while helping with enterprise standardization and improved pricing.

Shawn McCarthy | Government should keep an eye on domain-name expansion

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers plans to greatly expand the numnber of top-level domains, so that in addition to the traditional .com or .gov, you could see .ford, .walmart or .anything.

New CPO: Oversight with clout

With the backing of the executive branch, the new chief performance officer will have the ability to make agencies sit up and listen.

16 Rules for using social media networks

The basic do's and don'ts for government workers taking part in social networking and microblogging sites.

Internaut | Managing a flood of new data

Government information technology managers are constantly inundated with new types of data arriving from an ever-increasing number of sources.

Internaut | Managing a flood of new data

Commentary: Being prepared and asking the right question is the key for anyone who is expected to handle new data generated by civil engineering projects.