Internaut | Antidote to DNS cache poisoning

Commentary: To protect against Domain Name System cache poisoning, consider these strategies.

Internaut | Floating data centers: Good for government?

Commentary: As the federal government takes its next leap forward in affordable computing, perhaps it needs to borrow a few ideas from the realm of science fiction.

Internaut | XML: The good, the bad and the bloated

Commentary: Reap the benefits of XML tagging while keeping bloated files to a minimum.

Shawn P. McCarthy | FISMA II − It's not exactly what it sounds like

Commentary: The effort to extend the effectiveness of FISMA - by helping agencies choose the right people to improve the overall security of their systems - has some confused about its name.

Shawn P. McCarthy | 10 steps toward solid government SOA

Internaut'commentary: When it comes to SOA, the only way to go is bite-size chunks and a long-term plan.

Shawn McCarthy | Thin-client laptops on tap?

Internaut'commentary: May management issues and compliance requirements will affect how federal officials manage PCs during the next year.

Shawn McCarthy | Eight ways to standardize server configurations

Internaut--commentary: Now that we have the Federal Desktop Core Configuration for PCs, wouldn't it be great to apply the same concept to servers?

Shawn McCarthy | The myths and realities of standard configuration

Internaut'Commentary: There is still considerable confusion about what compliance with the Federal Desktop Core Configuration means.