Shawn McCarthy | A government IT manifesto

Commentary: I've collected some important operational rules, which I offer as a Government Information Technology Manifesto.

Shawn P. McCarthy | National data standards benefit states, too

Commentary: The importance of national data standards extends all the way to state and local agencies, which often must share information with feds.

Shawn P. McCarthy | If planning on VOIP, plan on encryption, too

Commentary: Encryption is a critical part of any voice over IP system.

Shawn P. McCarthy | IT managers torn by two masters

Internaut | Commentary: The dual goals of cutting costs and completing projects can put IT managers in an impossible position

Shawn P. McCarthy | The lure of blades in green IT

Commentary: Blade systems can improve service and save power, but you have to wait a while for the payoff.

Shawn P. McCarthy | The realities of virtualization

Let's talk virtualization. Greatest thing since sliced bread? Or a marketing buzzword we're all sick of hearing?

Shawn McCarthy | The smart money's on business intelligence

Government organizations have a lot to gain from understanding business intelligence.

Shawn McCarthy | IPv6 could be a boost for access control

The time is ripe to take enterprise configuration management and security settings more seriously.

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