Shawn McCarthy | Where to get help on DOD security training

DOD IT managers facing requirements for information assurance training can find help.

Shawn P. McCarthy | The big picture on metadata

Metadata can help solve data management problems, if repositories have common rules.

Shawn P. McCarthy | Internaut: Streaming applications bring consolidation to the desktop

Migrating to streaming desktop apps means a fundamental change in client systems.

Shawn McCarthy | Methods of avoiding censorship can be used for attack, too

Understanding how Internet censorship occurs, and how end users sometimes manage to circumvent censorship, can help you gain awareness of potential problems.

Internaut: Budget Season: An IT Manager's Guide

Five steps IT managers can take to improve their chances for funding.

Shawn McCarthy | Internaut: The reasons for business continuity

How to justify spending on upgrades to support business continuity.

Shawn McCarthy | Internaut: IPv6: It's a configuration management issue

For most federal agencies, IPv6 is emerging as more of a configuration management and IT services issue than a pure deadline issue. Even though some agencies are admittedly behind schedule in outlining their migration plans for the updated Internet Protocol, it's likely that most will be able to hustle and close the gap by the June 2008 deadline.

Internaut | Try real service to the citizen

Here are some ideas for how government agencies really could improve their service.

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