Shawn P. McCarthy | Internaut: Beefing up for Windows Vista release

This fall would be a good time for government IT managers to take inventory of the PCs in their collections and make some hard decisions about establishing and enforcing lifecycle rules.

Internaut | Problems won't wait for a cybersecurity czar

The absence of an assistant secretary for cybersecurity and telecommunications is becoming increasingly troublesome.

Shawn McCarthy | Internaut: Open source's impact will only grow

Government data center managers need to be aware of a set of trends that could soon alter both the systems they select and the way they purchase and manage enterprise software.

Shawn P. McCarthy | Internaut: FTC turns up the heat on spam

The hammer will be coming down a little harder on spammers in the next few months, thanks to renewed efforts by the Federal Trade Commission. FTC and its partners are focused mainly on commercial spam problems, but the program will also affect spam that makes its way to government mail servers.

INTERNAUT: A problem in search of an IT solution

Controlling labor costs and tracking worker time and productivity is a big challenge for any office, including government offices. But tracking worker hours and controlling overtime budgets in particular has becomea major hot-button issue for local government agencies.

INTERNAUT: LOB impact? You ain't seen nothing yet

Just when federal agencies thought they were catching up with the Office of Management and Budget's six existing Line of Business initiatives, they now have three more LOBs to consider.

INTERNAUT: The 'value driver' and the IT project

The term <i>value driver</i> gets tossed around quite a bit these days when government IT managers discuss new project proposals.

INTERNAUT: I came, I saw, I Wiki'd

If Wiki solutions are going to enjoy any sort of future in government IT shops, project managers and content owners need to learn a valuable lesson from the recent Wikipedia fiasco.