Internaut: Heading into 2006, standards bode well

Open standards are always a hot topic in government. And there's recently been a flurry of standards activity that could influence the decisions government IT managers make when it comes to application development, data sharing and security.

Internaut: Buying naked? Don't forget to cover your assets

Now may not be the best time for government agencies to keep their clandestine 'naked PCs' undercover.

Internaut: Congress set to starve the IT beast

From hurricane relief to proposed limits on e-government spending, Congress is trying to reprioritize the way government IT dollars are spent.

Internaut: A terrible time to learn valuable lessons

As I'm writing this, less than a week after one of the nation's most destructive natural disasters, no one in and around the Gulf Coast was worrying too much about computer technology.

Internaut: The time is now to build business intelligence

Are government system consolidations as intelligent as they should be? Some are.

Internaut: DHS provides a lesson for large-scale IT deployments

Read between the lines of the July announcement of the Homeland Security Information Network-Secret and you'll discover two interesting lessons.

Internaut: Apps, not access, drive city wireless programs

When it comes to building wide area municipal wireless networks, access alone doesn't get the attention of most city governments.

Internaut: Fiddling while the Net burns

We should all give thanks to the Government Accountability Office for confirming what many government IT managers already knew.