Lab Impressions

Apple vs. Samsung: a space odyssey

Apple and Samsung take their patent fight back to the future.

Fair or foul — Microsoft blames users for most errors

A company survey states that human error is at the root of 80 percent of network downtime.

Firefox proposal to remove version numbers spawns a rebellion

Without version numbers, how could users ignore how far behind they are?

Spam wars heat up

As the worldwide economy wavers, it seems even spammers are turning against each other.

Hot computers take a dip

Water cooling could safeguard expanding data centers, but current liquid systems are not ready for prime time.

In Motorola, Google gets mobility testing lab

The move gives Google the potential to compete better against Apple, which controls software and hardware for all Apple OS devices.

A model for Next Gen 911: Facebook

The FCC's new 911 will add video and text capability, but when? There's one example to follow.

Is your choice of smart phone political?

A study seems to show that red and blue states prefer different mobile platforms.

Anti-porn bill won't protect children, but it could cripple the Internet

The Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011 would require ISPs to keep users' credit card and other personal data — and wouldn't require police to get a warrant to see it.

Why can't novels get technology right?

IT flubs make techno-thrillers such as Dan Brown's "Digital Fortress" unintentionally funny.

3 reasons Google+ is a minus

Do feds really need another social networking site? Does anyone?

Crime and punishment in the Internet Age

The Justice Department wants an Internet ban to be a condition for pretrial release of a suspected member of Anonymous.

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