Lab Impressions

The hacks behind UK phone scandal were easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

The voice mail hacks that threaten the British government and media establishment could have been avoided with some simple precautions.

On the FOSE floor, real-world solutions carry the day

A lot of the products at this year's show fill real needs of government agencies.

How I solved the budget crisis

With Budget Hero 2.0, you can take a crack at cutting the deficit and balancing the budget. And you'll realize this ain't no game.

Xplore tablet raises the ruggedness bar – and drops from it

The iX104C5 tablet comes back strong in follow-up testing.

Challenge IBM's Watson, see the best mobile apps and more at FOSE

On the FOSE 2011 show floor, you can match wits with Watson, hang out at the BlackBerry Lounge, spend time at the Mobile Apps Theater and take in a full roster of live demonstrations.

Stuxnet: Can an act of digital terrorism be justified?

The precisely targeted attack, designed to stress centrifuges at an Iranian nuclear facility, likely required state support. The United States is frequently mentioned as a suspect.

IBM claims breakthrough with 'liquified' memory

Phase-change memory, around since the 1960s but deemed too unreliable and expensive, could be the thing of the future.

Can talking about technology make you smarter?

One study in Sweden says history proves it can.

Will the Internet’s .coke just be like New Coke?

The new Internet name extensions (.coke, .facebook, etc.) will change everything — and nothing.

Could RIM really be on its way out?

Reports say RIM may be on its last legs, but we aren't writing them off just yet.

Anatomy of a hack: When the GCN Lab was attacked from China

Attacks that originate in China are not new. The GCN Lab's test network was hit two years ago by a hack that resembles some recent, high-profile attempts.

Did IBM jump the gun on 100-year celebration?

June 16, 1911 marks a business deal that resulted in IBM, but there are other contenders for its real birthday.

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