Lab Impressions

Why not a stealth virus that only does good?

Can a computer virus actually protect unsuspecting systems? Lab director John Breeden II wants to find out.

Suing Apple over a name? Take an iNumber.

Another company already has an iCloud, but Apple has been down this road before.

Are there any good guys in the BitTorrent-'Hurt Locker' fight?

The people being sued for downloading the film are probably guilty of copyright infringement, but the whole legal action still looks like extortion.

Hey Google, Android can't be selectively 'open source'

Company banishes developers' apps to keep Sony happy.

How the Apple iCloud could change computing

Although there may be little direct effect on government, the indirect effect will be huge because it may for the first time give millions of people experience with that crazy thing called The Cloud.

A social media policy with 100 years of experience

IBM could teach government agencies a few things about managing Facebook and Twitter.

How could feds be fooled by Google phishing attack?

The e-mail apparently used in the attack seemed to come from Google and cited security concerns, but when it asked for passwords, users should have known better.

Uncle Sam wants fly drones

At a time when equipment cuts are happening across the board, the Air Force wants to double the number of unmanned attack aircraft. And somebody has to fly them.

Cell phones might be killing you, after all

The World Health Organization reverses course, citing a possible connection with cancer.

A few things you might not know about Memorial Day

Don't overlook the proper way to honor the fallen.

Portable retina scanner: From Batman's belt to your hand

The EyeLock personal retina scanner lets you limit access to websites and programs.

Air Force wants to get in your face with 3-D tracking

The service takes a step toward Big Brother with the idea to develop a camera that records visible-light and infrared images, along with a person’s unique facial movements.