Lab Impressions

Fox News reports, Secret Service agent decides it's 'blathering'

A federal agent learns that tweets aren't kept secret.

Why the PlayBook could beat the iPad in government

The PlayBook's interface gives it a head start with BlackBerry users, and the extra features could make it a winner.

Google's handling of Android flaw should be a lesson for Sony

Where Sony dropped the ball on getting the word out about security, Google is racing to head off even the potential for problems with Android.

The Taliban, like Charlie Sheen, ARE WINNING on Twitter

The Taliban begin an English Twitter feed, and we learn that they are winning — in their own minds.

The $25 computer that could help change the world

The key-drive sized PC from the Raspberry Pi Foundation could help in poor areas and school districts, as long as they have monitors.

How Navy SEALs extract data in the field

A look at some of the technology used to quickly and, when necessary, stealthily collect information at bin Laden’s compound and other locations.

To study mental illness, scientists drive a computer crazy

Neural network gets delusional and claims responsibility for a terrorist bombing during a study of schizophrenia.

How Intel could exceed Moore's Law with '3-D' chip

Intel's new 22-nanometer, tri-gate transistor can greatly boost performance while reducing power consumption.

Bin Laden could run but ultimately not hide from technology

Terrorist leader Osama bin Laden's low-tech approach kept him hidden for years. But being off the grid eventually helped expose him, and new technology assisted in finding him.

NASA satellites prove Einstein right, again

Gravity Probe B's four satellites, equipped with super-precise gyroscopes, confirm theories about gravitational effects on space-time.

Storms put focus on technology – and its limitations

When modern technology falls short, it's up to the old stuff to carry us through.

'Secure' flash drives need to take it to the next level

New key drives are more secure, but still hackable until they get to Level 3.